Violinist and artistic director Gil Morgenstern’s vision for a series of interdisciplinary concerts to be presented in non-traditional venues throughout the United States grew out of his years of experimentation with various art forms.  In addition to Nine Circles Chamber Theatre, he has co-founded various organizations dedicated to exploring the collaborative nature of the artistic disciplines including NCNY, a music and dance company with former Paul Taylor dancer Mary Cochran.  Over the years, Mr. Morgenstern has worked with musicians, actors, visual artists, composers and authors, directors and designers in an effort to expand performance traditions and create new interdisciplinary works. 

Building on the enormous success of Nine Circles Chamber Theatre and his other ventures, Mr. Morgenstern created his Reflections Series, which saw its inaugural concert in 2007 at the Rubin Museum in New York City.  Since then, Reflections has grown to be presented in the United States in New York, Florida, Pennsylvania and North Carolina, and abroad in Rome, Florence and Capri, Italy.  Plans for the 2010 – 2011 season include performances in London and Paris.

Reflections Series presents solo and chamber music along with works of different artistic disciplines, engaging its audiences in combinations of music, text and images.  Through its unique contextualization of historical styles and arts, its innovative programming entertains and enlightens the 21st century audience.   Using both existing and original works, and with the collaboration of a superb ensemble of creative and performing artists representing all art forms, Reflections programs present works that both reflect upon one another and invite the audience to reflect anew on universal themes.

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